Barbados Streetscene – Bridgetown

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Bridgetown, the capitol of Barbados, is a small but bustling port located on the southeastern side of the island (see map). Photo: ©Jo Anne Harris 2008.

First settled in 1625. Barbados is an interesting island that continues to foster its reputation as “Little England”. Unlike many of the smaller islands, Barbados has had a stable government throughout its history, despite its reputation as the hub of the African slave trade in the 18th-century. Historians speculate that one reason Barbados enjoyed a more stable and prosperous economy was the result of  the permanent relationship with England and the fact that as a Crown colony (owned by the English Monarchy)  early inhabitants enjoyed a higher standard of living that resulted in better treatment for the enslaved. Interestingly, during the 18th-century Barbados was home for a large and prosperous group of  Freedmen -the collective name given to men and women of African descent who were either born free, or had been freed through manumission.  In contrast to the stereotypes of  freed slaves as illiterate and incapable of survival without slavery, these Freedmen owned many of the small businesses in Bridgetown and were active in soliciting Parliament for equal civil rights. Their petitions are housed in the British Archives and make for interesting reading.

Click here for a Timeline of interesting events in Barbados

For more scenes in Barbados click here or on the image below for a link to the slideshow:

Barbados Courthouse
Barbados Scenes

To sample the local “Flying Fish”, the best site is in Oistins – a small fishing village located near South Point – about a short drive from Bridgeto


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