Ahoy! Avast! Pirate Trivia

How much do you know about pirates?

How much do you know about pirates?


Pirates may seem to be a hodgepodge of misfits with little organization, but underneath the chaos of pirating is a well-defined culture with its own version of order . See how much you know about pirates by answering the following trivia questions. For the answers, hold your mouse over the black flags.


(source:  http://www.brownielocks.com/pirates.html)

1. Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” But he also wrote this popular pirate story. What is it?

2. Pirates made you walk the plank as punishment.  True or False?

3. Who were “Sea Beggars?”
a. Pirate’s children
b. Dutch pirates
c. Stowaways on the ship
d. A term pirates called a shark.

4. Which animal did pirates use to bribe officials?

a. Parrots
b. Monkeys
c. Turtles
d. Exotic fish

5. The captain of the ship was often:

a. The most educated.
b. The most experienced sailor.
c. The one who got the most votes by the crew and elected as captain.
d. The wealthiest.

6.  Pirates wore fancy clothes made of silks, velvet, taffeta, etc.  True or False?

7. The most notorious pirates were from the South China Sea. Their leader was Captain Cheng who formerly was a:

a. Boy prince and 16 yrs. old
b. A woman
c. A samurai
d. An escaped slave.

8. A typical pirate plunder was:

a. Doubloons
b. Spices
c. Pieces of 8
d. Tobacco and Silks

9. A pirate is someone who robs and plunders on the sea. So what is a “privateer”?

a. A pirate with 5 years of experience or more.
b. A pirate with a letter from the king to attack enemies of their country.
c. A pirate who is a citizen of no country and on plunders on his own.
d. Someone who buys pirate’s goods to sell in his store.

10. The Golden Age of Piracy began in:

a. 1450
b. 1550
c. 1650
d. 1750

11. Buccaneers were pirates who:

a. Operated in the Caribbean only.
b. Operated off the Eastern US only.
c. Operated off England’s shores only.
d. All of the above.

12. The famous pirate Henry Morgan justified his actions because he carried a commission on him at all times by the governor of which country?

a. Panama
b. Jamaica
c. Bermuda
d. Puerto Rico

13. Pieces of Eight had the Spanish Coat of Arms on one side and this on the other side:

a. Three ships representing the Spanish Armada
b. The queen
c. Pillars of Hercules at Straights of Gibraltar
d. A cross

14.Escaped black slaves from Panama who helped Francis Drake fight the Spanish were called:
a. Cimaroons
b. Blacdoons
c. Commonairs
d. Pamorians

15. Pirates who operated in the Mediterranean were called:

a. Brutairs
b. Mediterrers
c. Cosairs
d. Cretians

16. In the 1570’s most pirating was done here:

a. In Jamaica waters
b. In Panama waters
c. In the Mediterranean
d. In the Pacific Ocean off Brazil

17. Pieces of Eight came in both gold and silver known as Reales and Escudos. If you were to ask a pirate for a gold piece of 8, which one would he give you?

18. The captain owned the ship. True or False.

19. In pirate terms a “pink” was:

a. A captured person pleading for his life.
b. A Dutch fishing boat.
c. A rose gold piece of eight.
d. A gay pirate.

20. In pirate terms, a “waggoner” was:

a. The small rowboats tied to sides of a ship
b. The sailor in charge of getting supplies on the ship
c. A type of ship that had no cannons or defense
d. Sea atlas named after Lucas Waghenaer

21. Which of the following is not a real pirate.
a. Captain Kidd
b. Captain Francis Drake
c. Captain DeFoe
d. Captain Henry Morgan

22. The best way pirates used to catch their victims’ ships was:

a. Sailing fast and ramming the ship
b. Surrounding the ship with rowboats of pirates first for intimidation
c. Using female pirates as decoys
d. Flying a false flag to hide they were pirates

23. The black pirate flag with skull and crossbones as we know it was nicknamed what?
a. The Jolly Roger
b. The Blackjack
c. The Death Mask
d. All of the above

24. The average age of a pirate was:

a. 16
b. 21
c. 24
d. 27

25. In the 17th century, most of the men in buccaneer ships were:

a. French and Spanish
b. French and British
c. French and Dutch
d. French only


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